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On this page, you can see my work from Livingston, AL and my current position is Maryville, TN! Join my team today!

How did I start?

FCA was introduced to me in high school, but I started FCA back on my campus at the University of West Alabama! There is a multi-sport huddle still active on campus!

Where am I now?

I am currently at Maryville, TN serving 5 different high schools and middle schools. I also serve Maryville College! 

My Huddles at UWA

I began FCA at UWA in the year of 2019. At first, they were many set backs such as COVID-19. While also being a college athlete and graduating with an IMC degree, I was blessed to start 5 active huddles on campus. I also still help out with events there on campus to this day!

My Huddles from my Internship

During the summer of 2021, I was an Intern for FCA in Biringham, AL. While being an Intern, I served at multiple summer camps and learned the ins and outs of FCA! It was the greatest experience and summer of my life!

Hear from one of my Students!


Grace Self taught me how to love Jesus in the most genuine ways. Christian women were never meant to put in a box because God was never meant to be put in a box. Be loud and taking up space is what she taught me to do

- Haley Majors

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