Community Soup Bowl

Welcome to the page that is all about this wonderful charity and how you can help!


The community soup bowl is a local Tuscaloosa kitchen that provides food for the homeless and people in need. Community Soup Bowl wants to reach out to as many people as they can, but they have social media and engagement issues within the community. Their FaceBook page lacked frequency and engagement and was not planned out. The pictures that were posted were very dull and darkened and was not engaging to the followers. FaceBook is the only means of social media that they have that connects them to their demographic. The frequency between post were spaced out dramatically. They have a website, but it lacks the visuals and information needed to engage any interested individual.


Our solutions to these problems became very clear that we needed to help them with good content that people would be interested in seeing. We decided that making their FaceBook page more revelant for them would be very beneficial with a social media plan provided. We came up with FaceBook captions with specific dates so they know when to post them and what to say when the content is posted. We also made sure that when we visited the Community Soup Bowl, we took nice quality pictures that they can use on any social media platform. We were also helping them with grant opportunities but they ended up doing it themselves.

Come on In!


10:20AM – 2:00PM


10:30AM – 1:00PM



(205) 752-2421


1711 23rd Avenue Tuscalossa, AL 35403